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frequently asked questions

No question is a silly question when it comes to cakes! I've included the most asked questions below but please do get in touch for any other details you'd like.  


How much do your cakes cost?

My prices vary depending on the size of cake you'd like as well as how it's decorated. Please complete my enquiry form with as much detail as possible and I'll send a quote over. 

What is the ordering process?

Once you're happy with the quote, I'll send an invoice to you for payment of a deposit to hold your date. Once that is received your date is confirmed. I'll gather all the details I need to make your cake exactly as you'd like, and arrange collection or delivery with you directly. 

How do you design my cake?

I offer a formal design service for wedding cakes, for all other options please do send me themes, styles, cakes I've made in the past that you like, along with any other preferences and I'll chat ideas with you. Similarly if you don't know what you'd like I can easily create something totally unique and beautiful.   

Can I pay on collection?

Final payment is always due in advance - for wedding cakes this is 4 weeks in advance, and for all other cakes this is 1 week in advance. If you place your order within those time frames, the full balance is due on ordering.  

Can I taste your cakes before I decide?

I stock the Lower Broadheath village shop, or you can order a tasting box which contains 4 flavour combinations. I run a tasting box event once per month in low season (October to April)- this is posted to an address of your choice and is a great way to try my bakes. Please get in touch for details. 

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What's inside? 

What kind of cakes do you make?

I make layer cakes using layers of sponge alternated with buttercream and/or ganache. I don't work with fondant so can't make any sugarpaste figures for example, I also don't make sculpted cakes. I can always bring a theme to life in my own way via buttercream and ganache so please always ask if it's a fondant style design that you've got in mind. 

What can I expect inside the cake?

Most cakes contain 4 layers of sponge and 3 layers of buttercream. You can read all about my ingredients and flavours on the Cake Menu page. I cover my cakes in a "crumb coat" of the filling buttercream, then I finish it off with either ganache or buttercream. This final coat would either be vanilla buttercream or white chocolate ganache (unless it is a milk/dark chocolate cake in which case it would be a chocolate covering). Cakes of 4 layers will usually be around 7 inches tall. For more of a statement I can offer "extra tall" cakes which are 6 layers and usually around 9 inches tall. 

How do I look after my cake?

It is so so so so so so important to follow the instructions I give you for transporting and storage of cake. If it is transported or stored incorrectly it can melt or slide, and this will have awful results! The cake should travel in a cool car (air conditioned if above 15 degrees). It must be transported flat. The best way to do this is either in the boot, or in a flat footwell. Do not carry it on a lap. The box should be carried by the base. The cake should then be kept below 15 degrees (ideally in the fridge) until it's time to go on display. Bring the cake to room temperature before eating for best flavour and texture. Save cut cake by sealing with cling film, then storing airtight in the fridge. Full instructions will be given on ordering and on collection.  

A guest has an allergy, can you still help?

I work in a non commercial kitchen which handles allergens regularly. If I am aware of an allergy then I'll do my best to avoid any contamination, however I can't guarantee there won't be any traces. I've completed the FSA allergen training course and we can discuss how I would bake for you in this event. 

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